Animals coming into the outside trash cans?

Not everyone has a garage or shed in which to store the trash until trash day, trash cans and when stored outside, inevitably, animals for food to enter. The covers offer some protection, but even the covers do not always keep hungry animals. The dogs, which are generally larger and stronger than most garbage guilty to assault, beat on the cans and trash scattered on the floor. Cats create a hole in the garbage bag and carefully remove what they want, one piece at a time. Wild animals like raccoons and opossums also go in the trash and find what they want anyway that can.If who are forced to keep their garbage cans out, there are clever ways, but easy to keep animals out of their garbage until trash day. These methods will not harm the animals, and garbage does not end with chemicals or soap all over her hands. Try these ideas if you have a problem with the animals in the trash outside. You do not have to collect household waste from the earth again. What you should not pour DoPeople sometimes harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia in the trash outside in an effort to keep dogs, cats, opossums, raccoons and other animals in your trash. These products may temporarily repel animals, but the drivers of garbage do not realize that ammonia, chlorine and other chemicals in their hands and clothes. Other options messy soaps or harsh chemicals that work to keep animals away. More importantly, do not resort to shooting or poisoning animals to find food in garbage cans. Every living thing must eat to survive, and not the fault of the animal if no owner home or allowed to roam the streets. If you know that a particular animal originates, contact the owner, and respectfully explain the problem. If politely confronting the owner did not work, contact your local dog catcher. Pets allowed to run the streets are often the unfortunate victims of cars, weapons and poison. You are going to an innocent animal a favor and yourself. StakesIf your trash handling, drive stakes into the ground where they are stored, and the handles through the game. This will prevent large animals such as dogs hitting the cans more. This, together with the following ideas to keep animals out of the open-air dumps, could eliminate other problems with the animals get into trash cans. CordsBungee Bungee cords can be very useful to keep the lids from garbage cans. Attach bungee cords if necessary, and secure the screw caps of the elastic cords through the handles. bungee cords are also useful to keep trash cans upright. Connect the cable ties, and wrap around more than a nuisance. Animals trying to hit the can again have a difficult time when they are connected. Alternatively, if you have a fence, consider using bungee cords to secure garbage cans to the fence. If an animal can not topple, the lids are less likely to come off, and they will be forced to go foraging elsewhere. Box CansIf all else fails and the animals are still entering the garbage cans outside, consider building a box for trash home. Build plywood box very strong, and make a hinged lid and a hasp. Not only going to hide unpleasant trash cans, but you never have to pick up trash from the ground to cause animals to go in the trash.